Interview: Christophe Nuttall, UNDP

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The HUB for Innovative Partnerships at UNDP Geneva is highly involved in the fight against climate change. HUB Director Christophe Nuttall shared his insight, personal background, and vision for the future with UNDP Geneva interns Juan Camilo Arias and Hannah Leigh.

Could you tell us about your educational background and professional career?

I have a Masters in Biology, a postgraduate degree in Ecology and a PhD in Geography and Social Anthropology. After working for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ‘Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales’, UNESCO and as deputy mayor in a city in France, I joined UNITAR, where I established a global network of local and regional training centres for sub-national authorities to better collaborate with the United Nations system. In order to be more involved in implementing the training that the local authorities had acquired I joined the UNDP, seeking to work with sub-national authorities at a deeper level at the time.

What is the HUB’s strategy for combating climate change?

In order to tackle the large-scale effects of climate change, one has to work with other partners than just national governments, especially if leaders at the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen (COP15) agree on a 20 % reduction for 2020 based on 1990 emissions. UNDP believes it is also relevant to mobilise local and regional partners. As roughly 70 to 80 % of CO2 emissions and 100 % of adaptation measures are in the hands of cities and regional government, sub-national authorities should be directly involved in national policy implementation.

What does the UNDP’s climate change funding situation look like?

We are entering into a new funding model. More financial resources need to be made available for developing countries using new finance mechanisms. UNDP is combining and providing different financing opportunities, and thus reinforcing the capacity of regions to create projects in order to attract 30 to 50 million dollars of investment from developed countries.

In your opinion, will the HUB’s Territorial Approach to Climate Change (TACC) become UNDP’s global strategy to tackle climate change?

TACC is more of a contribution to the UNDP’s global strategy, but I do believe that the TACC is one of the methodologies that UNDP could adopt globally. During the past two years we have become a strategically valuable instrument for the UNDP. Maybe it is very ambitious, but we believe in it. ■

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